Hawaii Ruby On Rails Conference - Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii - October 4-6 2009

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Ocupop is what the industry-types would call a boutique agency…We are, simply speaking, two people, Jeff Hamlett and Michael Nieling. Between our two principles and a select set of trusted sub-contractors and interns, we offer everything from brand strategy and identity systems, to printed and digital collateral, to environments, interiors, and consumer products for clients of nearly any scale.

Our size affords us the agility to adapt to clients’ individual circumstances, while our experience, ingenuity, and unwillingness to sleep assures insightful, holistic, sustainable solutions in all variety of creative capacities.

OCUPOP: Ocu - eye, pertaining to sight: Pop - Popular Culture…easy to say, easy to spell (and the dot com url was still available in 2003). So there you go, answers number one and two to “Ocupop, what is that?”

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