Hawaii Ruby On Rails Conference - Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii - October 4-6 2009

Sneak Peak of Yahoo’s Alan Gates Talks at Aloha on Rails


I was so excited to visit Alan Gates at Yahoo. I’ve never been to the Yahoo campus before, and I wasn’t disappointed. Alan is a very friendly host, and Yahoo’s cafeteria had lots of gourmet (and cheap) options. Also, I think I saw Jerry Yang hanging out.

While I was there, I sat down with Alan to learn more about his talks at Aloha on Rails, the Hawaii Ruby on Rails Conference. Alan will be presenting two talks. The first talk, Thinking in Map Reduce, introduces the Map Reduce paradigm and covers what types of programs it is good for and how you can start writing Map Reduce programs. The second talk, Intro to Pig, introduces Pig, the high level language for data processing on Hadoop. Pig makes it very easy to write Map Reduce programs, and lets users get up and running very quickly. Pig is essentially a Domain Specific Language for Map Reduce programs. Alan is the architect for the Pig project, so this is a rare chance to learn about this cutting edge technology from the source.

Register Today to learn about Map Reduce and meet Alan and the rest of our amazing lineup. Seats are selling out, so act fast! Register before September 1st for our Early Bird rate.

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