Hawaii Ruby On Rails Conference - Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii - October 4-6 2009

Watch a Video Sneak Peak of Michael Nieling’s Design Talk


This is not the design talk to be afraid of. This is Design with a capital D. Michael Nieling, founder and principal at Ocupop, will be teaching attendees why Design is the single most important aspect of the development process, and how to address these critical concerns with intelligence and an engineer’s unique abilities. Michael, an engineer turned Designer, has experience designing everything from retail kiosks to interactive web applications to iPhone applications.

Certainly, programming code, architectures, and APIs are important, but they exist only to deliver what is really essential: a truly satisfying and complete user experience. A holistic and pervasively applied Design is the key element to accomplish this goal. Michael will tell stories to illustrate this point, and will help attendees approach and apply Design across the entire product life cycle.

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p.s. Michael told me after reading this post to add that he wants to make clear that he doesn’t give a shit about getting a single new client as a result from this talk, he just wants to make sure he doesn’t ever have to use another poorly designed product again. Ever.

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