Hawaii Ruby On Rails Conference - Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii - October 4-6 2009

Watch a Video Sneak Peak of Tammer Saleh’s “You’re Doing It Wrong” Talk


What are you striving for when you write code? Correctness? Passing tests? A chance to apply that KillerWickedAwesomeInvertedArrayBubbleDistributedRingSort? Beauty?

Strive for maintainability, according to Tammer Saleh, formally of Thoughtbot, author of Shoulda, and now an independent consultant in the San Francisco area. Tammer, along with Chad Pytel (founder of Thoughtbot), will be presenting “You’re Doing It Wrong“, at Aloha on Rails, the Hawaii Ruby on Rails Conference.

“You’re Doing It Wrong” features all new material from their upcoming book, “Rails AntiPatterns - Best Practice Ruby on Rails Refactoring”, published by Addison-Wesley. Tammer and Chad will take real life code, code they have seen in the wild, and will fix it live on stage. You can even submit code to be healed and rehabilitated.

In this interview, Tammer talks about the root cause for some of these anti-patterns and how to avoid them. Plus, learn why you should attend conferences, and what Tammer is looking forward to in Hawaii.

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